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Welcome to NCPA Odyssey of the Mind.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program for K-12 and college students. The Odyssey of the Mind program gives students the opportunity to solve open-ended problems through creativity, divergent thinking and even through taking risks. Each individual on a team has a gift or talent that which is utilized while working together as a team. The program not only fosters and develops creativity but gives each student a jump start into merging into the adult work world by encouraging team work, problem solving skills and “thinking out of the box” or taking risks. It builds self confidence and self esteem and students have fun. The best part of the Odyssey of the Mind program is that the students do it all themselves – from conception of the idea for the solution to the problem they are solving to the performance of the 8 minute solution at our regional competition each year.

Need some help in getting a program started in your school or community organization. Pa Odyssey Jump Start Grants are available to those who qualify.

North Central Pennsylvania has a very active program in the counties it covers. We are proud of the success our students in the program. If you are interested in starting an Odyssey of the Mind Program in your school or community group or need to know what schools are participating in our region please contact me.

Karyl Otruba
Regional Director
570 795 4371 after 3 PM