2021 – 2022 Odyssey of the Mind in NCPA

Our region’s trainings and regional tournament are scheduled as in-person events during the 2021-22 year. The NCPA Regional Tournament is scheduled for March 5, 2022. The location has not been finalized yet but will be in Williamsport. There will be 2 coaches Training Sessions this year – Part 1 – Nov 6, 2021 and Part 2 – January 29, 2022. Judges training will be held on February 12, 2022. Judges will be notified by the Problem Captains in each of the Long Term Problems and for Spontaneous as to what their judging assignment will be.

Odyssey of the Mind Membership pricing will remain at $135 for the 2021-22 year. Pricing will go up next year.

This year there are 2 options for membership – the Traditional in person membership and a Virtual membership. Returning memberships should choose the traditional membership This year Virtual memberships only allow for competing on line and will be handled through Odyssey Headquarters. Virtual memberships will be limited to competing in Problem 2, Problem 3 and the Primary Problem. Please visit the Odyssey of the Mind website for more details.

Membership packets and the 2021 -2022 Program Guide will be available online. Once you have your membership you will access the problems, forms etc. through the Members Area